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Alien 3

David Fincher fought a losing battle and won

Lover: Taken from IMDB

“When i first saw Alien 3 i was sad. They killed my favourite characters, inclusive of ripley at the end, it left me hollow and a tad upset! upon repeat viewings i found the tone and atmosphere to be unmatched in any film I've seen since, coupled with the most perfect musical score I've heard (which i still listen to even today) makes for a hard to stomach film which is actually the best in the series. Why do i think this? the character of ripley is really fulfilled, we see her grow from the first film into a strong female character. Such additions as the alien 3 life cycle and alien design just add to the creepy atmosphere, this film i remember more for its tone and new direction it took the series in. Its a sad film, depressing and very dark indeed. Its just like the alien, without remorse or answers. This film restores what the alien is: scary. In aliens they weren't as scary because they seemed to be rather weak? though it still stands as a wonderful film in its own right (action). For me alien 3 is superb, worth watching and studying.”

This review is right, Alien 3 is a film that grows on you, when you first watch it with the two films before it in mind; it’s a disappointment. However the film is a very brilliantly crafted film, dark and sinister with real sense of melancholy and why not? Ripley has lost everyone again and now must stop the company getting the alien. The Directors cut is especially brilliant and adds an element that fills out the story better, the chest bursting scene at the beginning.

Hater: Taken from IMDB

“This one is really horrible. It messes up everything that made Alien and Aliens great movies. The transition from the end of Aliens to the beginning of this crap makes no sense at all. The survivors of Aliens are simply killing off, probably for no better reason than that the script simply doesn't fit into the Alien series at all. A military ship jettisoning its crew after a tiny fire (don't they build warships to stand a little damage anymore?). An "escape pod" crashes headlong into a planet with not even an attempt at steering or breaking (wasn't there something called "landing")?. And all of a sudden two Aliens pop up out of nowhere. The nice high-tech environments and cool hardware are exchanged for a prison that more reminds of sewers than anything else. And from there it's just a boring matter of watching the Alien doggy eat all of those feeble, uninteresting characters (good that suddenly humans can outrun the doggy). I have seen this one once and being a fan of Aliens, I regret it. If you liked Alien and Aliens, do yourself a favor and stay away!”

It’s not that hard to believe what happens between the ending of the second and third films, we’ve seen what these Facehuggers are capable of why was it hard to believe the queen laid a few eggs before her little trip in outer space. The few other points they’ve made here are knit picking, Alien 3 is not as good as its predecessors by a long shot but in no way is it a bad movie.

What I thought:
Continuing the Alien films I watched Alien 3 very recently, although I did watch the Directors cut which is much superior to the theatrical cut. I think it every time I see it but it is extremely underrated, Alien 3 had to live up to two incredibly good and influential movies. Perhaps that’s the reason most people bring it down, well not today! Today I shall be singing its praises, David Fincher was a perfect Director for this, his directing took Alien back to the one stalking Alien format of the first one. As a director who’s not afraid to spill a bit of blood and shock an audience he made it more visceral than its predecessors, showing a side of the Alien we hadn’t seen. With an almost over whelming feeling of misery surrounding it all it’s easy to say why some people don’t like it.

For me the only downfall is that the two characters who survived with Ripley for so long were taken from her, but then again having Newt dead is vital to one of the best scenes in the film; The Autopsy. As Ripley desperately try’s to find out how she died, Sigourney Weaver does a top notch job of showing the fear of the thing and the fear of the truth not being believed. It’s scenes like that where the director also shines; his use of sound effects and shots of bloody utensils is dark and very effective.

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