Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The A-Team

Really not as bad as everyone thought it would be

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“I went to this with low expectations. Remake after remake was getting tiresome. Knight Rider was pitiful, the 80s one had it's own class. Battlestar was good to start then fizzled out in the last two seasons and V is good but is yet to really get moving. This is full throttle from the opening. I was really awestruck by how perfectly cast it was. The support is superb too and the story is original and up to date with the present era. It is absurd in a funny way at times but never stupid. I enjoyed this a lot more than any other I have seen in a long time. It's like a roller-coaster ride. When it's over you want to go back to the start!!”

Perfectly reasonable, it was well cast despite the concerns, though it is absurd to the point it’s a bit stupid at points but I’m enjoying myself to much to make that ruin the film.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Hi, This movie is a crap and it has only few intelligent reviews. There was a lot of action in that movie but it wasn't enjoyable at all. Only few examples how that movie was not worth watching and was making me sick: A guy smiling and sneering at a bad guy when he's going to die in a split of second? Falling in a tank with one parachute left and screaming "awesome!"??? Some dialogue: "Do you speak Swahili?" Answer: "You, don't?". There's no real physics in that movie at all, a lot of noise, actors are playing poseurs (every character in that movie is a poseur), dumb action, dialogues etc... It is wore than dumb stories where you at least don't expect nothing ambitious. Every episode of an old series was a way better than this crap. Try to look at this movie this way while watching it.”

First I like the fact it begins with Hi, “I’m here to talk to you about A-Team”. I also like the fact that they state there are no intelligent reviews and goes on to write a not intelligent review. It’s a fun movie and in no way should be taken as this person has clearly viewed it. Just because you mention physics in a review does not make it intelligent, oh and since when has physics really mattered to Hollywood movies! What were you expecting Hamlet?

What I thought:
A-Team was good fun and the fun remains on DVD, it might lose a bit after repeat viewings but it is entertaining. I reviewed it for the smell of napalm and that review is on the links on the right but I shall try and make this fresh.

Watching it again made me realise how convoluted the story is, trying a bit too hard to make it twisty and turny. All it really needed was the right cast to make it fun and you would have made a half decent A-Team film. The casting was great Liam Neeson didn’t seem a risk at all after I saw Taken; Bradley Cooper was a shoe in for Face! Sharlto Copely deservedly getting a big job on the back of his superb performance in District 9, he plays Howling mad Murdock to perfection and has the funniest lines in the film! Just look out for the Braveheart bit! The biggest risk however was Mr T, the guy is not just a character anymore he’s a cultural icon, that’s a lot of pressure.

That pressure that fell on Quinten “Rampage” Jackson. I for one thought it was inspired casting, the original Mr T didn’t start in acting and this new version honoured this. The character is true to the idea of Mr T and doesn’t let you down.

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