Friday, 9 October 2009

Jim Carrey: Man of many talents

Perhaps it’s just me but the number 23 was almost Jim Carrey’s 23rd film, almost being the operative word as I look for a way of tying the number into this entry. Watched it last night and enjoyed it, Jim Carrey still continues to surprise me and still continues to mature with his performances. Is he aging like a fine wine or a piece of cheese left in the fridge? This is an important question. He was known for his zany out there performances, with his rubber face and weird physical movements but then came the Truman Show. It showed us all what he was capable of, his performance was astoundingly effective and emotional and this from a man who has escaped from a Rhinos backside!

It should be said the rhino was fake but Jim Carrey is anything but, picking and choosing his roles between his old style like dick and Jane and yes man or Eternal Sunshine and this little film called the number 23. Nowhere near as good as the sublime Eternal Sunshine, 23 still works but where it works the best is by showing you Jim Carrey as you would never have expected him. Being able to play two characters helps; as the character Finglerling is a brooding sexy detective, tattoos cover his shoulder and his hair is slicked back. This character gives Jim a way of exploring this type of character for the first time and whilst in some scenes he can look a bit out of place, he does look good.

The film has a very winding plot which is easy to follow but still challenging enough, the ending may not be as refreshing as you expect but the hero drags his family along for the ride which is rare in these films of obsession and paranoia. You can catch the funny man next in A Christmas Carol, the mo-cap version that promises to be very good.

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