Thursday, 15 October 2009

Another dose of the rage virus

Seem as I watched the first one two days ago, I felt it right to watch the sequel. Weeks’ happily is everything a sequel should be bigger and faster, it develops the mythology so cleverly set up in the first film. It shows you; by shoving a mass of people together, what the initial outbreak might have been like, even using some of days’ dialogue to set up the scene where the boy is climbing over the bodies (brilliant!).

It follows the idea of character, this time focusing on what the event has done and is still doing to a family. It doesn’t explore it as well as Days but that’s simply because of the scale of the film, it’s bigger so draws your attention to other things. That’s about the only criticism for a film that is at some points more visceral and disturbing than the first one (just look at the scene where the parents and reunited!) it does this still without glorifying it. It’s also refreshing again to see more of deserted London; I imagine it feels a lot like when American people watch their cities being destroyed. There are places you recognize (at one point the infected run right past where i used to work!) this makes to feel more real for people living there.

Some great acting, especially from Steve Carlyle, who spends half the film infected! He plays the role with real conviction, though this is the man who played Begbie in trainspotting. The kids were convincing but I would imagine that would have something to do with how real some of the infected were! Yes there’s Americans in it but we can forgive them as most of them go out heroically in flames (literally!).

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