Friday, 14 November 2008

97. Groundhog Day

98. Groundhog Day

Director: Harold Ramis

Main Cast: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky

Another movie, another Bill Murray fine peformance. This is the one that agruebley made him a legend, unlike Ghostbusters he was able to let loose and make what is his funniest peformance.

Out on DVD:

The List so far….
100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
99. Downfall
98. Rushmore

97. Groundhog Day

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

New Movies

New Movies

The Dark knight of 2009? i think so

its not but i cant help but feel that this poster looks like the unbreakable sequel that never came

I don't know very much about this, but just look at the cast! Plus anything with Alan Rickman is worth a watch
another poster of the great looking WW2 thriller

Monday, 10 November 2008



This film adapted from the amazing Graphic novel by Frank Miller is a prime example of how a comic book adaptation should be done. The movie perfectly catches the feel and the look of the comic down to a t.

that's all for now.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

New Movies

New Movies

Another reason to hate him? I'm not to sure with Bryan Singer at the helm and just look at the rest of the cast!

The film adapted from the very popular teen books in America, will it steal Harry Potters limelight? I doubt it.

Silly concept, silly poster, silly movie

Baz Lurnhams Epic, sure to be a hot or sure to be a flop it will go either way i reckon.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

A long time coming

This is just a quick one to say sorry if anyone who actually reads this has noticed i haven't update in a while.

its been a tough time but just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so from tomorrow it should be service as usual.

Thanks for your Patience.

The bee

Thursday, 23 October 2008

98. Rushmore

98. Rushmore

Director: Wes Anderson

Main Cast: Jason Schwatzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams, Seymour Cassel

Number 98 is my favourite Wes Anderson movie, in my opinion it was his benchmark for the film making that has made him one of the most talented indie film makers of the last few decades.

Out on DVD:

There are several things that set Wes Anderson apart, firstly it is his simplistic directing, his camera movement are not exaggerated and simply show what needed. he will cut from one scene and show you the Wall in the set he's filming on. This creates a creative understanding with the audience. They know its a film and a made up story no point in painting it as anything else.

So this creates films that have much more emphasis on character and story than any Hollywood Blockbuster, with characters that have depth whilst being fantastic. That's what Rushmore is, extreme characters on a coming of age journey unlike any other.

Its this film that makes me wonder why Jason Schwatzman doesn't do more work! He's sublime in this film, his timing is second to none and you will warm to his character straight away.

This film is my no 98 because it is divine, directed beautifully and wonderfully funny Win a lot of heart, oh and Bill Murray's in it!

The List so far….
100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
99. Downfall
98. Rushmore

Thursday, 16 October 2008

99. Downfall

100. Downfall

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Main Cast: Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Corinna Hrfouch, Ulrich Matthes

The next film down the list is Downfall, this daring German movie is about Adolf Hitlers last days. Watch this and I promise you will never see a more realistic, dramatic and daring WW2 movie.

Out on DVD:

As i have already said this film is set around Hitlers last few days in his bunker under the Ground of his ruined vision of Berlin. What i didn't say was why is it so daring, why is it so realistic and of course dramatic.

So why is so daring? Well there is one reason for this and one only, its daring in its attempt to humanise a man whose name is synonymous with evil. To a certain level it achieves it, don't get me wrong you wont start feeling sorry for him but you will see the man for what he was.

Why is it so realistic? It just is the attention to detail the acting. Bruno Ganz was impeccable as Adolf Hitler, it cant have been easy getting into character on that one and he seems to handle it with finesse. As for Dramatic, you may be thinking how can a WW2 movie with no real battles or thrilling escapes be dramatic, well that's just it, because those typical things aren't present it shows you a side of the war you have never seen before.

This film is my no 99 because it is one of the most daring, dramatic and realistic WW2 movies you will ever see.

The List so far….
100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)
99. Downfall

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

More New Films

More New Films

Another Poster of Steven Soderberghs epic about the guy on the t shirts

A classic sci-fi gets a remake keanu Reeves style...

the first Street Fighter movie: badly acted, badly cast, almost no production value.

second street fighter: focusing on just one character.... chun li!?

Monday, 13 October 2008

New Films

New Films

By the looks of this a very fun kids movie with Adam Sandler.

Daniel Craig is a busy man and this WW2 thriller looks great.

Marky mark in a video game adaptation? well the trailer look very Constantine, we might just have the first successful adaptation.

looks creepy, or just looks like everything else... you decide.

Friday, 10 October 2008

In Bruges

In Bruges

I never thought i would love Colin Farrell as much as i do in this movie, this dark comedy is almost laugh a minute with his brash honest approach to a hit man fresh from his first job. Farrell plays Ray who after a botched job has come to Bruges to hideout with his partner in crime Ken, played brilliantly by Brendan Gleeson. whiles there they learn a lot about the city and its customs, themselves and they're views of life and death. All the while a hilarious support cast make for a great movie.

Ralph Fienes is also extremely good as the twisted self righteous gangster. All in all this film is a great laugh and despite the violence a very good advert for tourism in Bruges

Thursday, 9 October 2008

100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

Director: Adam McKay

Main Cast: Will Ferrel, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell

The first film in my top 100 is Anchorman; let’s face it Will Ferrel was around before this film but this one made a lot of people take notice. His performance is second to none, it’s just a shame that the same type of comedy has not really been pulled off since.

Anchorman is the story of Ron Burgundy (Ferrel), a misogynistic anchorman who is incredibly popular in Sad Diego. He loves his job but when the TV execs decide to hire a co anchor, storm clouds begin to gather and the thunder really starts when it is revealed that it is a woman. The rest of the film is self explanatory but hilarious in its delivery!

This type of gross out comedy has always been considered as a more immature way of getting laughs and it is, but Anchorman's humor comes from the fact that all of the character perform their lines as if they are in a straight talking film. Even the trippy sequence that should seem absurd is totally acceptable.

If you get a chance make sure you check out the new DVD which comes with “wake up Ron Burgundy”. This is pretty much an entire film in its own right and is a plot line that was cut from the original film. Not as funny as the original but well worth watching.

So the reason this is my no 100? Its bloody funny, one of the funniest films of the last decade.

The List so far….
100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

A largely typical comedy movie filled with some run of the mill humour....

till Robert Downey Jnr opens his mouth, the absurdity of the character and the way he pulls it off is incredibly funny! That and the fact the Tom Cruise cameo is also one of the funniest things in the film and will go some part of the way to repairing his reputation or at least get him a Little respect, for playing a character a lot like the brilliant character he played in Magnolia.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bee's top 100 movies of all time

Bee's top 100 movies of all time

Tomorrow and every Thursday from then on i will be counting down my favourite films of all time, I will be reviewing the film from a honest viewpoint and then saying why i picked them, i hope you enjoy it....

till next week then

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Empire Cinema Leicester Square

Empire Cinema Leicester square

This is the first of my reviews of cinemas, I went to empire cinema to see the press screening of a film called Live! Now the Leicester Square cinemas all have something in common there is a constant flow of customer coming up to the doors and checking out whats going on. The staff at the Empire aren't very much on the ball as the guy i spoke to had no real idea what i should be doing while i waited.

Apart from that its a lovely cinema clearly looked after, I was put off by the idea that it doubles up as a casino but step inside and you wont even know its there. If i ever go back there I'll fill you in on any other details but till then that's all i really have to say about then Empire.

Monday, 29 September 2008

R.I.P Paul Newman

Paul Newman 1925 - 2008

Just a quick note for this screen legend that sadly died.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Bourne Trilogy

The Bourne Trilogy

No Jason Bourne, no Casino Royale; its that simple. The Bourne Trilogy was the spy/assassin thrillers that made bond grow up and its easy to see why. All of the Bourne movies have a conscience and a serious look at the lives of these professional killers. Not to mention that the fights kick ass, the car chase are among some of the best in movie history and as the movies go on they just get faster paced and more thrilling and hear pounding.

pure adrenaline entertainment with an honest core, Quatum of Solace anyone?

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Tales of the Riverbank

Tales of the Riverbank

This charming British remake of the much loved 1960's TV series is exactly that; charming. rarely in this day and age of pixar, dreamworks and all number of cg animated movies, tales of the riverbank go's for a different approach and hopes that the kids watching have enough imagination left to enjoy the ride.

whilst the majority of the laughs are made for a younger audience, I think most adults will get a kick out of this simple film making.

Friday, 26 September 2008

New Films

New Films

Quantum of Solace

Well, if there is anything that can top the Dark Knight its this... not sure about this poster though...

Two Lovers

One of my favourite actors Jaquin Pheonix in what looks run of the mill.


Angelina Jolies Oscar nod? With Clint Eastwood Directing I'd put money on it.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Made of Honour

Made of Honour

In an industry that is over saturated in unoriginal crap and with less depth than a golf hole, made of honour is no different! With a few laughable moments and interesting development some scenes are somewhat redeemable, but ultimately predictable and disposable crap.

My review will be up at the smell of napalm next week.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cloverfield 2?

Cloverfield 2?

One of the highlights of cinema this year was Cloverfield, its original take on the monster movie made for one of the more enjoyable cinema visits this year. Of course you may have come out feeling a little sick. I thought i would cover the news of a sequel, the last we heard from one of the masterminds JJ Abrams, they were thinking of different ideas and were just waiting for one to strike them. in short there will be a sequel, Cloverfield was hugely popular and it made money, it will have a sequel.

Question is, what will they do with it? i have read some rumours that the film will be the same night of the attack but for a different viewpoint, like that of another civilian like the bloke filming on the bridge during the first film. Maybe from the view point from someone more official like a soldier? Who knows, all we can do is watch this space....

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ashes of Time Redux

Ashes of Time Redux

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying daggers. We've all seen them, we all know how amazing they look, but did we know that one film did it years before? Ashes of time is a film that has been stuck in development hell for 16 years! I think that has to be a record right? Well it finally hit British shores a couple of weeks back.

Apart from looking amazing, like an oil painting on a screen. Because of the way it has been cut its a Little hard to follow and a little dull at times.

My reviews will be up at the smell of napalm soon.

Monday, 22 September 2008

New Films and an apology

New Films

The teen film biting into what was Harry Potters release date this Christmas.

I've been watching Frank Langellas career closely because he is an amazing actor and impersonator. This looks like more of the same thing.

its Titanic 2... maybe not

Anything with Paris Hilton in should probably be avoided like the plague...

and an apology,

I have been on holiday this last week so in the vein hope that anyone is reading this i am now back and ready to keep you up to date once again.

Thank you
The Bee

Friday, 12 September 2008

New Films

New Films

Labor Pains

A young woman to pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid being fired from her job. When that gets her a bunch of special treatment by everyone involved in her life, she tries to keep up the lie for nine months.

Leaves of Grass
An Ivy League professor (Norton) is lured back to his Oklahoma hometown, where his twin brother (Norton), a small-time pot grower, has concocted a scheme to take down a local drug lord (Dreyfuss).
Pride and Glory

A saga centered on a multi-generational family of New York City Police officers. The family's moral codes are tested when Ray Tierney (Edward Norton), investigates a case that reveals an incendiary police corruption scandal involving his own brother-in-law (Colin Farrell). For Ray, the truth is revelatory, a Pandora's Box that threatens to upend not only the Tierney legacy but the entire NYPD

The story of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, a San Francisco supervisor who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by San Francisco Supervisor Dan White.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Summer round up 2009

Summer round up 2009

Well to continue my summer round up, we’ll be looking forward to the biggest films of 2009.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine
It wouldn’t be summer without a comic book movie now would it; the beginning of this summer gave us a rather brilliant if dumbed down Iron Man. Now the Xmen are back or to be more precise Wolverine is back, Hugh Jackman back in the role he was born for and hopefully now breaking away from the ankle biting young certificate films, can now unleash some feral rage.

Akira and Dragonball Z
After the Wachowskis ruined speed racer, live action adaptations of anime greats will not be very well respected. Well next year two of the most popular and arguably two of the best ever animes are set to be released and will be under great scrutiny, Akira was only announced a few months ago but Leonardo Di Caprio who is producing has reportedly said that its due for release next summer. As for Drgonball Z, fans have been in uproar about this but its coming, see two blogs back for some more pics.

Terminator Salvation

This year a franchise long forgotten had luke warm come back in the form of Dr Jones, next year Christian Bale takes on the machines as John Conner in Terminator Salvation. The Director is planning on it being a batman ish come back, and with the casting of Christian Bale winning him brownie points he might just have one. But will he go for a new feel or make it more like the tense unstoppable machine thrill ride like the first two?
Star Trek

This year Sex and the city had a revival somewhat, with news of a sequel it looks set to continue the cash in. next summer is Star Treks turn. Fans are crying out “it doesn’t need a revival!”, everyone else is crying out “we don’t need it at all”, The driving force behind this? JJ Abrams. The great but dragged out lost creator who has produced monsters to destroy New York and mission impossible a little more likable is going where no director has dared go. Of course if we follow the rule that every odd star trek film is shit then Mr Abrams I’m afraid you’ll have to go.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

As the summer continues so does another big franchise, Transformers will be back this summer. Its Michael Bay so expect bigger, harder ,faster action that will leave you with a headache.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

As the chronicles of Narnia continued and as Warner Brothers pushed back the release, another childrens franchise continues next summer. Just as Narnia is warming up Harry Potter is almost at his last chapter, nut now that everyone know whats going to happen will it change the popularity of the film? I highly doubt it.

The A-Team

Another TV series set to make a big screen return is The A team directed by John Singleton (boyz in the hood). I think he’s very brave not only is The A team loved by a lot of people its also going to be hard not only bringing what was so brilliant about the series but also casting the iconic characters without being camp. Some of the casting rumours include Bruce Willis as Hannibal, Woody Harrelson as Murdock and Ice Cube is brave enough to take on Mr T sucka!


Its been a long time since we’ve seen a general cinema release from Jim Cameron, and next summer will see him push the boundaries of cinema itself in what is being called a next generation of film making. Avatar is an epic sci fi adventure filmed entirely in 3D, however it’s received its bound to turn a few heads.


2009 will bring on pixars 10th feature called Up, A tale about a 70+ adventurer who travels the world with a dumb sidekick.


The Dark Knight was the talk of this summer and I’m willing to bet that Watchmen will be the talk of the next. The Watchmen graphic novel has for a long time been called un filmable and has been attached to a lot of Directors in the past. But Zak Snyder has done it and after the trailer was released people were saying it don’t half look good! Widely considered the greatest graphic novel Watchmen is an alternative history tale where caped heroes are shunned by the general public. When one of them is killed the others must from to find out what’s going on.

Thats it for now, thanks for reading...
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