Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Hangover

Definitely worth re-watching

Lover: Taken From IMDB
“I just saw the first screening of the movie, and it is very worth the money you will pay for it. I was skeptical about it at first, thinking that the previews would have only the funny parts, but they are just the tip of the iceberg... Everyone hit a home run in this movie. Even Mike Tyson generated a few laughs for everyone. If you need a pick me up from a bad day, just watch this and you will definitely feel better about everything that may be going wrong in your life. I will DEFINITELY be buying this to watch over and over again once it comes out on DVD, probably even see it in theaters again. I hope you find this review helpful because this movie is definitely a must see in my opinion.”

I think the trailer was a problem, the trailer put me off seeing this at the cinema as it had all the hallmarks of being one of those “all the best bits” trailer. Put simply its just the tip of the iceberg.

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I feel burned for going to watch this super stupid movie. I am baffled that so many other people in IMDb thought it was funny and that it has good reviews. There were about 30 people in the theater when I watched it of a pretty good demographic spread and there were nearly NO LAUGHS through out the whole movie. At best a few people chuckled a few times. Some of the attempts at comedy are so, so old. OK, here are a couple little spoilers. In one scene one of the guys is face down on the ground about to get up & another one of guys opens up the car door and opens it bumping the guy laying down on the ground in the head- so, so stupid! This scene was funny in cartoons when I was under 10! Another spoiler coming- in a different scene one of the guys finds a used condom in there car and they start grossing out and tossing it around- so stupid and not funny anymore since I was 17. I can only understand the high reviews on IMDb that there are so many more potheads these days. If you are a pothead under 25 is the only demographic I can understand that can laugh from this.”

Firstly just because immature dumb comedy is not for your sense of humour doest not mean you have top write the film off as rubbish! Seeing a Person knocking their head on things is universally funny and always will be. As for the condom it’s not so much the situation for me it was the reaction on the characters, brilliant!

What I though:
It’s got the set up, a Stag do! It’s that’s simple, speaking from someone who’s had one thrown for him, I can tell you that it always brings laughs before during and after the affair. The Hangover is a well written comedy without irony and a story that could be unrealistic; however it’s grounded by some great central performances.

The bits in the trailer are what you would expect and although not everyone’s cup of tea are still funny. You need to look closer though and maybe even re-watch it as the story is very clever and its full of some great one lines and cameos! One of the funniest films I’ve seen in the last couple of years!

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