Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A bit less bite

Lovers: taken from IMDB
“OK i gotta say this film totally kicks a*s!! i mean i love ALL the blade films,and its not often a sequel is good but blade 2 was excellent and a third to be successful...amazing!!this film was different to the other 2 yeah,but it had to be!it seemed to me that it had to do something different to the other 2, so it was more real world,real life and it definitely got away with it. Wesley snipes played blade just as good as ever,with an extra bit of humour to gave it that bit more. ryan reynolds,an assett to the film,not the typical "super-hero" guy,more down to earth yet kicked butt in his fights,jessica biel,fantastic as there was a woman who was equal to the men and just owned the part! an awesome film,could watch it time and time again. very impressed for a third film! the writer did a great job in creating a new blade film with different,more realistic scenes and storyline. BRILLIANT!”

From even someone who loved blade this is a bit too much praise for what is a mediocre film.

Haters: again taken from IMDB
“But I'm surprised that Blade didn't have nipples on his costume with the immediate decay of the quality of the franchise. The responsibility lies completely on David Goyer as he finally was given the chance to direct he series he has written since it's inception. This film felt like it should have been on Sci-Fi channel or FX. Those good old days of Blade kicking ass are gone, replaced by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds beating down brittle MTV vampires that couldn't hold a candle to Stephen Dorff's Deacon Frost. I don't even remember seeing Blade fight Dracula, with all the action geared towards his new sidekicks. That's like a Batman movie with Robin as the star. David Goyer now says he'd like to direct Thor......comic fans around the world should now panic as to what he sets his sights on next.”

I have to agree with this one, it’s a Blade film so why did we not see more of Blade?

What I think:
I have to say all things considered I don’t think it was a terrible movie, it would have been nice to see more of blade and it doesn’t really make sense that the human characters are all of a sudden kicking vampire butt. Though Ryan Reynolds is brilliant at these kinds of wise cracking roles and does throw an element previously ruined in its predecessors into the mix; humour. Though this one does seem like the MTV version of Blade, with new weapons that don’t really make any sense at all to ipods shamefully being plugged! The most annoying thing for me is the hyper reality I have spoken about before, in this film when Drake (Dracula) goes for a stroll amongst us lower mortals there is an element of this. It is done so badly it’s almost painful to watch and looks more like a really poor pop video.

There are redeeming factors; the action is once again very entertaining. Ryan Reynolds is a very funny guy and a sequence when Dracula lays waste to the Nightstalkers and a blind mother is done quite well, not scary but looks good. All in all this franchise is a good one for no brains action as the films go on, it’s always good revisiting the first one and nice even if isn’t done as well to follow the character.

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