Tuesday, 27 October 2009

A taste for human flesh

Origin stories; Are they ever really any good? Look at the Star Wars prequels which are largely ignored by the Star Wars fans elite, or this year’s Wolverine, what was the point in that? I think it depends on the motives of the film makers, if the idea is to explore the character or the story then it will more than likely pay some respect to the original material, if it is a shameless Hollywood plug in because they know people with part with the hard earned cash its more than likely going to be crap.

Hannibal Rising is stuck somewhere between, saved mostly by the performance of Gaspard Ulliel. He had a lot to live up to in Sir Ant but he just about pulls it off, showing just enough charming panache to show us what he will become. Though it must be said Hannibal “the cannibal” is actually quite likeable in the films’ despite being a monster! Whilst that can be attributed to Anthony Hopkins performance that is just too charming to not like, this film you root for the bad guy because of the story.

It’s not as well thought out and complex like the others but then I haven’t read the books, so this could be the film makers’ fault. You could also blame that on a younger Lecter, honing his skills for full on murder and consumption of said victims, with a fine Chianti.

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