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The only time dreamworks have trumped Pixar?

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“You know, there was a time in which we didn't candy coat stories for children. The Evil Queen in Snow White, for one, was forced to wear red-hot slippers and dance to her death. Even in older Disney films like "Bambi", the serious issue of death is broached. Now, no one dies. It's too serious.
One of the best moments I had watching "Antz" in a theater was listening to a mother explain why Barbatus died. Guess what? Death is a natural part of life -- and to refute it exists is plain wrong. Or, as in the recent Disney flick "Hercules", Hades, the God of Death is portrayed as evil. (What, are people supposed to be immortal?) While not appropriate for 4 year olds, I wouldn't think twice about showing it to an 8 year old. Why must movies be dumbed down -- PG means parental GUIDANCE. Any movie that forces you to talk to your kids after a movie is a good one. Don't treat your kids like little morons.”

A little bit extreme but a very valid argument!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“Take cheap ant jokes, old Woody Allen jokes, fight scenes ripped off from a flop "Starship Troopers" and what do you have? The sorriest competitor to ever step into the ring with Disney. Some people love this movie becuz it's different for animation, y'know. They say "Bitch" and "Hell". The real story behind Antz is an old Pixar employee coming over to Dreamworks and trying to get revenge at Pixar and Disney and "A Bug's Life" by ripping off the idea of using ants as lead characters and rushing through a poorly written script, gangly looking characters (even the females Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez look too similar to the male characters) Anyways, take all the improbabilities and scary animation... and you are left with a handful of celebrities trying to pull their fans into the movie. If you're a Woody Allen fan, you should check the movie out. He's the only plus side to this movie.”

The old Woody Allen jokes they are referring to are brilliantly re-worked into the life of an ant and instantly set the tone, the cheap ant jokes are for the kids watching. Those fight scenes are daring and Starship Troopers was not a flop, watch it again and read between the illness!

What I thought:

Is Antz the only time Dreamworks have ever trumped Pixar? Look at all of Pixars films and you realise why they are so universally liked. With Adult themes and in jokes they are truly family entertainment, there are only two exceptions to Pixars impeccable record. Cars and Bugs Life, both of which whilst having adult themes are a bit, well kiddy. The latter had to compare with another insect based tale from Dreamworks.

In that traditional Hollywood way of two extremely alike moves coming out in tandem, these two were set to go toe to toe. Unlucky for Pixar that Antz has to be the most adult themed Dreamworks animation they have released, from Woody Allens self deprecating drone to the main character confessing his most “erotic” fantasies and ants melting away from the effect of Termite acid. It is the pure definition of an adult themed kid’s film; in fact it’s so adult themed kids might not even get it.
It’s the only time I have liked Woody Allen as I find the way he does his comedy arrogant.

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