Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ninja Assassin

Wish Fulfilment for gore obsessed teens

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Ninja assassin was an excellent action movie. It reminded me of Aliens, Predator or other horror-action movies. Brutal, hardcore, dark, crazy action... It is not a super hero movie such as X-men or Spiderman. I have read some complaints and bad reviews by other people. Here are my responses: (1)"Movie was too dark. It needed more lighting." It's a ninja movie. I thought that the old ninja movies in which Ninjas fight during day light was absurd. I thought the movie was rather stylishly done with very dark background. (2)"Acting was bad." Acting is bad in majority of Hollywood movies these days. Harry Potter, Twilight, X-men, Spiderman, and so on... Do you honestly think the acting in those movies was good. It's a ninja movie. Be realistic... (3)"Story was bad." Again....I have not seen that many Hollywood movies with great stories in past decade. All of sudden, some people want a great storyline from a Ninja movie. Give me a break. (4)"Movie was rushed" I know that Rain(Raizo) prepared for this movie for 6 months working out 6 hours a day. He looked awesome. The whole stunt team looked awesome. I don't think movie was rushed. In conclusion, it is what it is. It is an action-horror-fantasy movie based on the myth of Ninja. Again, it is the myth based on some truth. The director did good job bringing the myth to the screen. So enjoy the movie as the action-horror-fantasy movie that it is. Or you can go watch Ninja Turtle if you prefer that.”

In no way is this movie anything like Aliens or Predator, this is a ridiculous comparison! Here are my responses to they’re responses..

1. I agree with him, its am movie about ninja assassins who quite cleary do most of their work in the DARK!
2. It’s the last point about being realistic? So just because this is some brainless gore fest means that it can get away with sub standard acting? The answer of course is no!
3. The story wasn’t that bad and without the hammy acting probably would have been really gripping especially the flash back to the training.
4. I’m not to sure about a rushed movie, can you rush choreography like this?

Please take no notice of the horror part, sure there is a bit of fantasy but this is a balls to the wall action move and nothing else!

Hater: Taken from IMDB
“I have always relied on IMDb. I have found that any movie receiving a 7 or above has something to offer. Whether that be solid acting, a great plot, or tremendous cinematography a 7 or above meant it had something. This movie had nothing. If you really like pointless violence then by all means go see this movie. There is plenty. The acting is beyond terrible. There are line after line of poorly delivered material waiting for you as you enjoy the only good thing about this movie, your drink. One line in particular (I cannot say what it is because it may be considered a "spoiler") brought the entire audience around me to laughing out loud. The only good part about this movie was the big guy next to me who lost it at the end of the movie because of how corny and cheesy it was. Perhaps I should have waited for the weekend to end before seeing this movie to allow IMDb to get votes from people other than the 13 year old boys who can't get enough blood. 7.7? Hahahahaha. I don't think so. 1/10 for being the first bad movie I have seen in a very long time. IMDb has be solid until now. It wasted my money and my time. Save your money and watch College Football this weekend.”

Well apart from his doubts in his faith in IMDB user reviews, he’s pretty right the story which could have been used too much better use was ruined by really hammy acting that spoils all credibility. He’s also right on the crowd that will get a kick out of all this gory violence but then everyman has a 13 year old buy inside that loves this stuff, don’t they?

What I thought:
Everything above covers a lot of what I thought about this movie, it’s not really a tough film to define. A ninja who gets a conscious tries to leave and ends up (in a round about way) being hunted by his own clan. What ensues is the kind of Violence you would expect from a film like this, albeit with CGI throwing stars, decapitated heads and even blood. It’s just pure wish fulfilment for boys who grew up watching violent Anime, in this case the films does have a pro. The violence is brilliantly choreographed and dare I say cool!

It’s certainly not for everyone but the people who will like this movie know who they are when they see the cover of the DVD.


Alfonse said...

I think you are being too poilte about this film, I see it has a poor man's Shogun Assassin. However, the CGI is a poor addition to the well constructed and gratuitous fight scenes which happily detract from the daytime TV acting and video game ripped storyline. Unfortunately its a 80s action film, 25 years too late, dare I say its 'expendable' media which is best suited to a friday night ITV1 showing because they have stopped repeating Shaun of the Dead!

Peter Bee said...

Maybe i am being a bit too polite but trying to see the best in every film is what i try to do, however 'expendable' the material. If it is aired on ITV it means theres an audiance for it somewhere. Although truth be told i am with you on that.

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