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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Pigeon Steps

Lover: Taken from IMDB
“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a huge step on from the first film. In the Philosophers stone we were introduced to the the world of Harry Potter and given a taster of what lies ahead. In the Chamber of Secrets the main story line for the series of books really starts to be told. It is much darker and sinister than the first film and Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint give good performances and give us a glimpse of the fine actors they are becoming. Kenneth Branagh and Jason Isaacs are perfectly cast as Gilderoy Lockhart and Lucius Malfoy and truly bring the characters from the book to life. Mark Williams as Arthur Weasley while under used in this film is going to be great in the next few as his character has more to do. The Cinematography is again superb and somehow the Quiddich game is better than in the first film. A fine sequal to the first film and should dispel any notion that the first one was just a one hit wonder. A firm 10 in my book.”

I wouldn’t say it’s a ten however it does have some perfect casting.

Hater: Taken form IMDB
“Okay I Saw This In Cinema's & I Pretty Much Walked Out When They Found The Entrance. The Plot Is That Harry Potter is in his second year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is visited by a house-elf named Dobby and warned not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry ignores his warning, and returns. He is still famous, although still disliked by Snape, Malfoy, and the rest of the Slytherins. But then, strange things start to happen. People are becoming petrified, and no-one knows what is doing it. Harry keeps hearing a voice.. a voice which seems to be coming from within the walls. They are told the story of the Chamber of Secrets. It is said that only Salazar Slytherin's true descendant will be able to open it. Harry, it turns out, is a Parsel-tongue. This means that he is able to speak/understand snakes. Everyone thinks that it's him that has opened the Chamber of Secrets because that is what Slytherin was famous for. OMG I Feel Like Taking A Power Drill To The Bottom Of My Chin & Seeing Where It Goes After That. Rating 1/10”

It’s another one of these reviews that spends its whole time giving you the plot then saying its rubbish! Please don’t take any notice of reviews like this.

What I thought:
This was a slow step forward for a franchise that had a long way to go, from its fluffy beginnings characters are now getting hurt and dealing with man eating Spiders and Snakes. The adult themes are important as they push forward the main focus of the story; Harry’s ultimate destiny. This one falls for the same reasons the first does, with some ropey effects (check out the animatronic Fawkes or Dobby the house elf) and of course our three heroes are still maturing as actors as well as characters.

Again it has some inspired casting, Kenneth Branagh steals every scene he’s in and Jason Isaacs oozes sinister. It has the same things that push the first film; it’s still full on family fun, funny in places and like the DVD Sais contains “minor peril”. It was pigeon steps right up till the end with the look and feel of the series, the third however steered it well in the right direction…

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