Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The X Files 2: I want to believe

The X -Files 2: I want to believe

This year has been full of exciting build ups, first it was Indiana Jones, and then it was Dark Knight. Even before the dust of the Dark Knight could settle The X files came back. I was hugely excited, as an ‘X phile’ (as we are dubbed) I was looking forward to seeing my favourite characters back together again. The build up was unbearable and the early reviews were quite damming. I did not care, I knew I would love this film and I did.

Much like Sex and the City and Indiana Jones did earlier this year; Xfiles is not as good as the first few seasons or original stand alone episodes, but it is good enough to be counted as part of the complete saga. Everything you loved about the Xfiles was here, David Duchovney playing the loveable but stubborn hero, once again with some great moments of wit. Gillian Anderson is back what she does best, being Mulders polar opposite and the only person that keep him grounded. Its directed very much like a stand alone episode and you could imagine the story being part of the series.

Its only iffy parts are the relationship between the two agents that is very well acted, it’s just that everyone knew they loved each other but no one actually wanted them to get together!

Anyway check what the critic at my usual site thought at

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