Saturday, 16 August 2008

Far West Battlefront

Far West Battlefront

Now although this clearly is not film related, it’s my blog so I feel it only right to plug one of my best mates bands. Far West Battlefront takes me back to the days of liking metal, of bouncing around like a crazy person at a gig or in a metal club. Some of you may say I’m biased, well I am to a certain degree but I stopped listening to metal a long time ago but this band just have certain something that works for them.

So please go to their myspace add them and tell them how much you love them, because before you know it they will be touring the world.

Bellow is the link,

Don’t bother listening if you don’t like metal, this just aint for you…..

much love to my brother from another mother….


Anonymous said...

a very good band. i like there song. they should come to the UK!!

Peter Bee said...

Well visit their myspace and share your views with the band and make sure you spread the word, its the only way to get them over here.

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