Friday, 29 August 2008



Reality TV, do you like it? I bet at some point you’ve read or spoken about it. The thing about these programmes is the controversial moments, the moments that Reality TV supposedly pushed the envelope of Television. When in reality all it does is glorify everything that is wrong with this world… not that I don’t like Reality TV.

Anyway the movie, Live is a Mockumentary about the trials and tribulations behind the scenes of a new reality TV show. This reality show makes the contestants risk their lives for 5 million dollars in a game of Russian roulette. It’s darkly funny but also a rather serious issue that isn’t really explored enough. Whatever is next for reality TV; well studio bosses take heed, this film I s a warning.

Check the film out yourself here

Check out what Variety thought

My review for this film will also be in a future issue of the Croydon Advertiser, I’ll let you know when.

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