Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fear[s] of the Dark

Fear[s] of the Dark

Fear[s] of the Dark

Saw this film last night, well I call it a film, it’s a 82 minute collection of cartoons and animations by some of the most respected artists and cartoonist about the subject “Fears of the dark”.

There’s no doubt it was wonderful to look at, the animation is lovely and the subject matter is of interest to all. Where it misfires is in its obscurity, whilst the stories are easy to follow, they are still confusing and for the most part not scary at all.

Basically it’s just a visual treat for the eyes, nothing more.

Check the film out for yourself


Rud said...

Oh Peter! You make it sound so fancy, in a good way.

Peter Bee said...

well i try...

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