Saturday, 2 August 2008

Married Life

Married Life

I saw this film in a screening last week, it was my first time back to the Soho Screening rooms in a long time. I like this place its small and pokey but there is something reassuring in its d├ęcor. Movie posters signed by Directors and Actors alike and a rather fetching, rare poster for Withnail and I (which I have been tempted to steal). Anyway enough of that the film, it’s a tale set in 1940’s America about marriage and long term relationships.

It’s a quiet movie, slow paced and at time a little tedious. There are some great performances though Pierce Brosnan should definitely do more voice work, as his brilliant dulcet tones guide you through this story. An unhappily married man who is cheating on his wife, he decides the best way of letting his wife down is by killing her! Well it makes for some interesting scenes and your emotions towards him will go on a roller coaster!

Anyway check out my review at

Check out what Peter Bradshaw at the Guardian thought

Or go and see it if you need a break from big summer blockbusters
(This is the onlycinema in country showing it! =S)

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