Thursday, 7 August 2008

Kiss kiss, bang bang

Kiss kiss, bang bang

I am a big fan of Robert Downy Jnr, his on screen presence is unrivalled and his voice is cool and original. He’s had a hard time of it and had more comebacks than an Amsterdam brothel, but his charming personality have meant we have welcomed him back with open arms every time. One of his smaller roles was that of Harry in Kiss kiss bang bang, where he plays a small time thief mistaken for an actor.

This film is a classic crime thriller with moments of dark comedy thrown in, Downey Jnr is joined by an on form Val Kilmer. I have never enjoyed Val Kilmer on screen this much, well maybe in heat. His performance is dry and witty and more than lives up to Downey Jnrs charm. Although the acting is not the problem here, the problem is a story so muddled up in twists it’s a little confusing if your not paying attention, the ending is a little disappointing as all the loose ends get tied up in rather disappointing knots.

Still it was enjoyable enough and as ever Robert Downey Jnr shines.

Go check it out for yourself

check out his next film that looks very funny

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