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Greatest Movie Weapons

Greatest Movie Weapons

In honour of Empires top ten greatest movie weapons; I’m going to do mine because I liked the spread so much. I’m just doing my top 5 and coming in at no 5…

5.The Martian Heat Ray

Oh yes the laser beam so hot it’s invisible and turns everything to fire at its touch, HG Wells created this monstrous sounding weapon that the Martians in his book use mercilessly. It’s had trouble finding its way into film (imagine an invisible ray of heat!) but Steven Spielberg’s Heat Rays in his 2005 effort have to be the best so far. They are the pg version in that people don’t melt they just burst into ashes, which is a rather brilliant effect, the tripods also wield them more like guns in this film.

4. Rockys Fists

These fists have seen many a fight and many frozen slabs of meat, Rock Balboas mitts are a fine piece of cinematic weaponry! From his training montages where he smashes the hell out of a frozen bit of cow, to his fights where he has knocked out Mr T. these fists are a force to be reckoned with. “What we'll be calling on is good ol’ fashion blunt force trauma. Horsepower. Heavy-duty, cast-iron, piledriving punches that will have to hurt so much they'll rattle his ancestors”

3. Arundil (Aragons Sword)

Now not only does this sword slice up men, goblins, orks and the undead! It also takes a hell of a long time to show the whole thing in a close up shot! Almost as long as Aragon himself, Arundil is the sword of kings forged by the elves that can only be wielded by the King of Gondor and as such is a worthy number 3.

2.M41A Pulse Rifle

Aliens is full of hardware and big beefy weapons, but none sound or look as good as the pulse rifle. This machine gun is the gun of a lot of boyhood dreams; it tears up Aliens like butter and sounds brilliant when fired! I was going to write full specs of the gun, but you really just need to watch Aliens if your unsure why this came in 2nd.

1. Double Ended Lightsabre

Our Winner is the doubled ended light sabre, which is about the only redeemable thing about the Phantom Menace. It just about tops having one light sabre in each hand and knocks off Qui Gon Jin. Ray Park gets his name well and truly in the minds of geeks by flying all over the screen, making for what arguably is one of the finest light sabre duels in the whole saga!

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