Wednesday, 13 August 2008



I watched this for the second time last night; I have to say its one of those rare movies that gets better every time I see it. Every so often these films come along that demand repeat viewings; sometimes the plot is complicated like Donnie Darko, other times it could be that you missed some action or some lines. With Juno it’s the sense of well being.

At first I was sceptical about Juno, the dialogue for every character is so un real, that it kind of taints the serious nature of what’s really going on; teenage pregnancy. Forget the Dialogue and think about the issue, Teenage pregnancy is at a staggering high and is now considered a normal thing. Juno doesn’t glorify the issue; it just brings it under a spotlight and shows that it can be a beautiful thing.

Juno as a character is just an eccentric teenager with some wonderful insights, she goes through a harsh learning curve and on the way gives a wannabe mother a dream come true. Everyone is happy including the Audience.

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