Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Continuing my viewing of the Alien films I watched Alien 3 very recently, although I did watch the Directors cut which is much superior to the theatrical cut. I think it every time I see it but it is extremely underrated, Alien 3 had to live up to two incredibly good an influential movies. Perhaps that’s the reason most people bring it down, well not today! Today I shall be singing its praises David Fincher was a perfect Director for this, his directing took Alien back to the one stalking Alien format of the first one. As a director who’s not afraid to spill a bit of blood and shock an audience he made it more visceral than its predecessors, showing a side of the Alien we hadn’t seen.

For me the only downfall is that the two characters who survived with Ripley for so long were taken from her, but then again having Newt dead is vital to one of the best scenes in the film; The Autopsy. As Ripley desperately try’s to find how she died, Sigourney Weaver does a top notch job of showing the fear of the thing and the fear of the truth not being believed. It’s scenes like that where the director also shines; his use of sound effects and shots of bloody utensils is dark and very effective.

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