Friday, 13 November 2009

New Job: no time

As the title suggest, the reason this week has been a bit slack on update is because I have just started a new job. I have to things to write about and the first is The Reaping, it’s a biblical horror movie starring Hilary Swank. Surprisingly till the slightly OTT ending its quite effective, the plagues are represented very well and most of the scares come on thick and fast. Considering how much this film needs to fit in the pacing is very good to keep you hooked.

It’s rare of me to speak well about a horror movie as I believe it’s not good enough making your audience jump and most recent horror movies only seem bothered in making you jump. The Reaping isn’t much different it’s a very jumpy move but the jumps are very well done and had me jumping from the sofa on at least 2 occasions. Hilary Swank does ok as do the rest of the cast but with such quick pacing it’s hard to really take any notice of the acting.

All in all not a bad film really.

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