Monday, 2 November 2009

“It’s over man, game over!”

After a busy four days, full of quick little snippets of news to no entry at all on Sunday it’s time to bombard you with what I got up. Well I realised I few things, the first being that I should stop being so negative about Avatar and anticipate like everyone else. The reason for this change of heart is because I watched Aliens and realised the talent of Jim Cameron. My brother once said that you can’t pick any holes in Aliens, whiles I’m sure you could if you wanted to but then why would you want to!? Aliens is up there with one of the best examples of a perfectly executed sequel, it completely respected the original whilst changing the genre of the film making it Horror Action “this time its war”.

Aliens really sparks into life when the colonial marines enter the film and I defy any man who has watched this and didn’t want to be a colonial marine, though if you knew you were going to fight the “Xenomorphs” you may have had second thoughts. It’s that downfall that is most effective; the marines are built up to and though you know it must all go wrong you still route for them. Then they are set upon in what is the stand out Alien Attack of the quadrilogy, for me anyway. When you add to these great performances from everyone involved and the effects of which a vast majority still stand up to today’s standards you have one hell of a movie, not to mention one of the most quotable!

For some news on the prequel check out my blog from Friday.

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