Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cheesy or queasy?

It is almost true of every romantic comedy I see and I’ll say the same thing every time I watch one, they are shamefully predictable and samey. Then again you have to view them from other people’s viewpoint, of course the majority of the “other people’s” is of course women. It’s no secret that these films are aimed squarely at their purses but they don’t care, for half an hour they are transported to a world where the man round the next corner looks like Colin Firth, we are all arseholes but turn out to be proper gentleman and of course love. I’m not cynical I mean I’m in love but the way these films portray love is not real, that’s the secret though, most women won’t admit it but they long to swept off their feet like in these films. The sad truth is the best they’ll get is being swept off their feet by the man on their shoulder that’s had a bit too many.

Of course I’m being a bit unfair, we’re not all like that I know I’m not and also I’m going a bit off the point, 27 dresses is a Romantic comedy that takes the saying “always a bridesmaid never a bride” and runs with it. Katherine Heigl is our heroine and what a loveable heroine she is, I thought she was brilliant in knocked up and the same can be said for this film, most of the time. When you’re not busy wincing over how cheesy this film is at times it’s incredibly easy to feel sorry for her, she has such an emotive face. That’s basically it, I would write more but the rest of the film is so factory shop rom com that I fail to see the point.

I did go to the press screening of the road the other night.... but you’ll have to wait for the review to go live. Thank you for reading.

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