Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Better Half

No not my better half, the better half of Clint Eastwoods WW2 epics. Flags of our fathers wasn’t a bad movie but did seem to drag on a bit, the flashbacks seem convoluted and I think the message got lost. Sure try and deliver a message with these films but no one will be listening if you present them a film that is not entertaining, just look at titanic as much as I loathe it the romance caught everyone up in the story and by the end you could really understand everyone’s situation.

Letters from Iwo Jima on the other hand is a whole different affair; the flashbacks only show enough for you to understand the characters blight and position in the war. Also it’s very rare to see WW2 fought by someone other than Americans and this is a brilliant example. Though subtitled the dialogue is easy to follow and the actors show up their American counterparts something rotten. It was a tough job for Clint but he handles both halves with ease, it’s just that Iwo Jima is the much more effective of the two.

Clint Eastwoods next film is supernatural thriller Hereafter and after that he has Nelson Mandela Biopic lined up, busy man!

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