Sunday, 15 November 2009

It’s not as funny as you expect...

There have been a fare few films this year that i have been excited about, on a whole they have been disappointing, With the exception of Star Trek and District 9 not a very good year. Well I have high hopes for Christmas and it started with “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, a comedy that I didn’t realise was going to be a silly as it was. I thought I was going to watch some intelligent comedy about the US military’s research into Psi-ops. It did cover that but it was a very haphazard film, you can tell the A list actors involved had fun making it as they goofball across the scene and stumble their way through what is a very silly subject for a movie.

Generally though despite a few laugh out loud moments it’s vastly disappointing, Ewan McGregor’s American accent continues to bemuse me! I think it s one of those movies that may need repeat viewings but the script is largely devoid of anything funny its more the situation, which they bleed dry. The films is saved by some of the performances with George Clooney leading the way as an utterly convincing American Soldier with “paranormal abilities”, Jeff Bridges follows suit and channels “the Dude” for a very funny performance.

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