Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Making it look like child’s play

We are constantly shown a side of Les Vegas in Hollywood movies that portrays all the light and glitz as just a front. Behind it lurks con artists working the system and hard nosed “officials” giving them a good beating behind closed doors. In 21 a film about a group of students lead by one of their teachers “Kevin Spacey”, this is treated a bit like, well child’s play.

Ben Campbell just wants to go to medical school, he’s gifted enough and certainly dedicated he just lacks the cash. One of his teacher’s offers him a place on a team; this team are card counters, the non legal way of beating the game of black jack. Of course there is a catch and a downfall, but when it happens it doesn’t really seem as bad as it had been painted, making the film a little bit anti climactic! All in all though not bad film till the underwhelmed ending, full of interesting facts, who knew black jack could be that interesting?

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