Thursday, 5 November 2009

Michael Bay’s ego is an island!

Michael Bay is a complete nightmare, a script and storyline that is basically an excuse to have an explosion every five minutes. That was a summary of every Michael Bay film I have ever seen! Let’s take the Island as an example, it brings up some interesting issues and questions about cloning, playing god and the cost of life. Of course this is a Michael Bay movie so who cares about that we have the main characters hanging of a big R on the side of a very tall building, f*ck yeah explosions and bad effects follow.

The Island isn’t without its good points, like most of Bay’s films it is shamefully self indulgent, most apparent when Ewan McGreggor mocks his accent and love for bikes. These scenes are entertaining but dumb down what could be a very thought provoking film. The action is of course an all out frenzy of explosions, jittery cameras and unbelievable situations, which do make for a fun ride at the expense of a headache of course. It’s just the unwritten law of cinema in the summer for every Dark Knight there must be a Transformers and Michael Bay will always be on hand.

As for what he’s doing now, well apart from murdering classic horror movie with Platinum dunes awful remakes, Transformers 3 release date is July 1st 2011. No doubt more Brawn than brain and of course Megan Fox bending every which way!

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