Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Cloverfield 2?

Cloverfield 2?

One of the highlights of cinema this year was Cloverfield, its original take on the monster movie made for one of the more enjoyable cinema visits this year. Of course you may have come out feeling a little sick. I thought i would cover the news of a sequel, the last we heard from one of the masterminds JJ Abrams, they were thinking of different ideas and were just waiting for one to strike them. in short there will be a sequel, Cloverfield was hugely popular and it made money, it will have a sequel.

Question is, what will they do with it? i have read some rumours that the film will be the same night of the attack but for a different viewpoint, like that of another civilian like the bloke filming on the bridge during the first film. Maybe from the view point from someone more official like a soldier? Who knows, all we can do is watch this space....

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