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Summer round up 2009

Summer round up 2009

Well to continue my summer round up, we’ll be looking forward to the biggest films of 2009.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine
It wouldn’t be summer without a comic book movie now would it; the beginning of this summer gave us a rather brilliant if dumbed down Iron Man. Now the Xmen are back or to be more precise Wolverine is back, Hugh Jackman back in the role he was born for and hopefully now breaking away from the ankle biting young certificate films, can now unleash some feral rage.

Akira and Dragonball Z
After the Wachowskis ruined speed racer, live action adaptations of anime greats will not be very well respected. Well next year two of the most popular and arguably two of the best ever animes are set to be released and will be under great scrutiny, Akira was only announced a few months ago but Leonardo Di Caprio who is producing has reportedly said that its due for release next summer. As for Drgonball Z, fans have been in uproar about this but its coming, see two blogs back for some more pics.

Terminator Salvation

This year a franchise long forgotten had luke warm come back in the form of Dr Jones, next year Christian Bale takes on the machines as John Conner in Terminator Salvation. The Director is planning on it being a batman ish come back, and with the casting of Christian Bale winning him brownie points he might just have one. But will he go for a new feel or make it more like the tense unstoppable machine thrill ride like the first two?
Star Trek

This year Sex and the city had a revival somewhat, with news of a sequel it looks set to continue the cash in. next summer is Star Treks turn. Fans are crying out “it doesn’t need a revival!”, everyone else is crying out “we don’t need it at all”, The driving force behind this? JJ Abrams. The great but dragged out lost creator who has produced monsters to destroy New York and mission impossible a little more likable is going where no director has dared go. Of course if we follow the rule that every odd star trek film is shit then Mr Abrams I’m afraid you’ll have to go.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

As the summer continues so does another big franchise, Transformers will be back this summer. Its Michael Bay so expect bigger, harder ,faster action that will leave you with a headache.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

As the chronicles of Narnia continued and as Warner Brothers pushed back the release, another childrens franchise continues next summer. Just as Narnia is warming up Harry Potter is almost at his last chapter, nut now that everyone know whats going to happen will it change the popularity of the film? I highly doubt it.

The A-Team

Another TV series set to make a big screen return is The A team directed by John Singleton (boyz in the hood). I think he’s very brave not only is The A team loved by a lot of people its also going to be hard not only bringing what was so brilliant about the series but also casting the iconic characters without being camp. Some of the casting rumours include Bruce Willis as Hannibal, Woody Harrelson as Murdock and Ice Cube is brave enough to take on Mr T sucka!


Its been a long time since we’ve seen a general cinema release from Jim Cameron, and next summer will see him push the boundaries of cinema itself in what is being called a next generation of film making. Avatar is an epic sci fi adventure filmed entirely in 3D, however it’s received its bound to turn a few heads.


2009 will bring on pixars 10th feature called Up, A tale about a 70+ adventurer who travels the world with a dumb sidekick.


The Dark Knight was the talk of this summer and I’m willing to bet that Watchmen will be the talk of the next. The Watchmen graphic novel has for a long time been called un filmable and has been attached to a lot of Directors in the past. But Zak Snyder has done it and after the trailer was released people were saying it don’t half look good! Widely considered the greatest graphic novel Watchmen is an alternative history tale where caped heroes are shunned by the general public. When one of them is killed the others must from to find out what’s going on.

Thats it for now, thanks for reading...
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