Thursday, 23 October 2008

98. Rushmore

98. Rushmore

Director: Wes Anderson

Main Cast: Jason Schwatzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams, Seymour Cassel

Number 98 is my favourite Wes Anderson movie, in my opinion it was his benchmark for the film making that has made him one of the most talented indie film makers of the last few decades.

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There are several things that set Wes Anderson apart, firstly it is his simplistic directing, his camera movement are not exaggerated and simply show what needed. he will cut from one scene and show you the Wall in the set he's filming on. This creates a creative understanding with the audience. They know its a film and a made up story no point in painting it as anything else.

So this creates films that have much more emphasis on character and story than any Hollywood Blockbuster, with characters that have depth whilst being fantastic. That's what Rushmore is, extreme characters on a coming of age journey unlike any other.

Its this film that makes me wonder why Jason Schwatzman doesn't do more work! He's sublime in this film, his timing is second to none and you will warm to his character straight away.

This film is my no 98 because it is divine, directed beautifully and wonderfully funny Win a lot of heart, oh and Bill Murray's in it!

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98. Rushmore

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Rud said...

LOVE IT! One of my fav films of all time.

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