Thursday, 9 October 2008

100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

Director: Adam McKay

Main Cast: Will Ferrel, Christina Applegate, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell

The first film in my top 100 is Anchorman; let’s face it Will Ferrel was around before this film but this one made a lot of people take notice. His performance is second to none, it’s just a shame that the same type of comedy has not really been pulled off since.

Anchorman is the story of Ron Burgundy (Ferrel), a misogynistic anchorman who is incredibly popular in Sad Diego. He loves his job but when the TV execs decide to hire a co anchor, storm clouds begin to gather and the thunder really starts when it is revealed that it is a woman. The rest of the film is self explanatory but hilarious in its delivery!

This type of gross out comedy has always been considered as a more immature way of getting laughs and it is, but Anchorman's humor comes from the fact that all of the character perform their lines as if they are in a straight talking film. Even the trippy sequence that should seem absurd is totally acceptable.

If you get a chance make sure you check out the new DVD which comes with “wake up Ron Burgundy”. This is pretty much an entire film in its own right and is a plot line that was cut from the original film. Not as funny as the original but well worth watching.

So the reason this is my no 100? Its bloody funny, one of the funniest films of the last decade.

The List so far….
100. Anchorman (The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

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