Monday, 30 March 2009

A little bit of nothing at all...

Ok so this is a little late, these usually go up on Sunday night. Well I’m afraid I was just to damn tired after a weekend of leaving do’s, unintended reunions, the 80’s, some Goths and some very short shorts! Of course I’ve had a lot of time to get some film viewing in, I brought some dvd’s midweek one of them is Cashback (one of my first ever screenings and reviews) I love this movie, such an unexpected gem.

Cashback is about an art student when after a hard break-up begins to suffer from insomnia, he decides to use this extra time in a night shift at a local Sainsburys. Whilst here he comes up with a rather imaginative way of dealing with the boredom. Enough about that film though, like I said I did write a review for it and you can check it out on my usual site or click on the link to the right.

Another film I watched this week was yet another I had reviewed before, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. As with Cashback you can check out the review to your right, it must be said that the Narnia films are taking a long time to hit the right audience. The Lord of the Rings happily appealed to everyone, with Narnia it’s very much the same problem that Harry Potter had, the first few instalments were just aimed at children. Now also like the Potter franchise, Narna is getting darker but still not there just yet.

Now for a film I hadn’t seen, I watched the Black Dahlia during the week, a murder mystery about the still unsolved murder of an aspiring actress in Hollywood. The film works quite well and is directed like a classic thriller, what do you expect from the great Brian De Palma? The performances are just as good; Aaron Eckhart and Josh Hartnett play the brooding boxers turned cops very well and as usual Scarlet Johanssen sizzles on screen. It can be a little hard to follow so make sure you concentrate though and much like “From Hell” it does ruin the mystery of the whole murder that is such a bad idea but still worth seeing.
Well I have some gardening to do and a feature on Wolverine and the Xmen to write so I have to go. Take care , keep reading and watching.


Kate said...

Oooh I want to watch Cashback now! Where can I get it?
P.s. I have a feeling the short shorts will soon become legends in their own right...

Peter Bee said...

You can buy Cashback online on amamzon or play but its currently in a sale at HMV.

its very good, if a bit graphic and do ignore the reviews on the front.

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