Sunday, 8 March 2009

A fish out of water and into a busy frying pan

What a busy week I have had, let me put my life into context for you. This Monday just gone I was in the Orchid room of the Dorchester hotel, I was awaiting the arrival of the stars of this months new release Marley and Me. Feeling rather out of depth at one of these things, my new Dictaphone poised on the table at the front and my notepad and pen at the ready. That morning I was trying to unblock a toilet and keep my boys from killing each other as they war over a train set. I was lucky enough to meet another freelancer, a lady named Gillian, she was quite funny but incredibly cynical and at one point during the questioning showed me a note saying “they have to be the dullest people alive”, I mean it may be me being na├»ve but actors like these two probably find press conferences quite tedious compared to their normal day to day life?

I found them both quite pleasant, Jennifer Anniston taking every question by the throat and talking for America, Whilst Owen Wilson sat back clearly at ease answering only when asked and adding sly but funny little quips throughout. On reflection seeing Owen Wilson in the flesh has somewhat ruined my appreciation of him as an actor, as he seems to just play himself in every movie. Now the press conference is under in embargo till the movie is out so I cant post anything that was said but I will of course post the link to my article so you can read more.

In regards to movies I have seen 5 this week, the first I suppose could be called another dog based comedy, but the dog is used more as a rather embarrassing plot device, The film is called sleeping dogs. It’s a film about keeping something to oneself basically either that or a lesson about how giving dogs fellatio is a bad idea and “experimenting at college” is no excuse for such lewd behaviour. It had its funny moments but you do have to keep reminding yourself that your watching a film about a girl blowing a dog, it just isn’t right; Directed like cheap porn doesn’t help.

I also watched all 3 Xmen films as part of a Xmen feature I’m writing but more on that when it’s done, I will say that the second one is still the best and the third one just gets worse on repeat viewings! The last film was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I thought I would like this and I did, being a big fan of Judd Apatow and Russell Brand I couldn’t see what could go wrong. Mr Brand may as well have been playing himself really; there was no need to create a pop star persona.

On a final note but hopefully not the last time I write about it, me and one of my friends have decided to join forces and create a production company to write, film and produce short films. The birth of be warned productions is here, more of that as and when it happens. So on that note its goodbye for this week, I’m seeing Watchmen on Wednesday (love orange Wednesdays), can’t bloomin wait, so keep watching and reading.

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