Sunday, 5 April 2009

It's all about the writing...

I’m very tired and having trouble of remembering what I’ve seen this week! The last couple of days I have been filming a sci-fi short film, I wont attempt to explain what the hell its about cause quite frankly I don’t know. I was acting in it, as the one and only character, it’s nerve racking and probably the last time I’ll do it. I use to think I was alright in front of the camera or on a stage but I seem to just end up being the same miserable (nose bleeding) loser in every thing I do. I think I’ll stick to my writing for now.

As for the writing, writing a screenplay is not easy but a lot of fun and is moving forward slowly but surely. I saw the Boat that Rocked over this week, a film about a pirate radio station with an amazing cast. I read a review before I saw this saying that there is no real plot and what there is, is to thin. Bear in mind first of all that this is a Richard Curtis movie, undisputed king of British rom-com. Now think about Love actually and its multitude of characters and how their stories tied together. The boat that Rocked may have had a paper thin plot but like love actually there were a multitude of characters to write for, unlike love actually which had a whole city to play with for all its characters this was on a boat. This smaller setting meant that most of the characters stories were lost on you and even the ones that weren’t didn’t really have any impact. It was funny though and should be seen as a little brit comedy gem.

I have also watched an inconvenient truth, a film about Al Gore’s presentation about climate change. Its very admirable that Al Gore has taken this on and the message does come across. It’s very American in its presentation but I did get the feeling that’s who it’s really aimed at. The Majority of the statistics that he presents basically have the rest of the world saying, “Ok we’re doing our bit, what about you?” and pointing at America. See it if you want some interestingfacts if you want to know about climate change, google it.

Last and definitely for least was yet another Nicholas Cage stinker called Next. A story of a man who can see his own future but masquerades as a Vegas Magician. Being honest this DVD broke down half way through but I really wasn’t that fussed, Nicholas Cage’s career has taken a nosedive of recent years and Next is just another step down. Its not Mr Cage’s fault, mainly the choice of films. Next is very badly written, awful lines that you really need to see to believe. Not to mention the awful special effects in what is supposed to be a big budget blockbuster.

Anyway I’m off, keep reading and watching please it all helps.

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