Sunday, 22 March 2009

I watch the watchmen.... finally!

So in what has been a hectic week I finally got to see the Watchmen, it was as predicted and impressed me greatly. In the way it was filmed and the way the film was presented, Watchmen was very close to the original material. Some fans might be upset that Zack Snyder had to cut out an entire plot line to make the ending work but consider The Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson and the other writers had to be ruthless with the books as they were just to long. The films that came out in the end captured the feel of the books perfectly, capturing the most important theme of friendship and indeed fellowship that is so lacking in today’s society.

Anyway, as I was saying Watchmen was as good as I expected it to be. It was refreshing to see another comic book movie made just for adults. I mean it’s not bad that comic book movies are mainly aimed at kids and families but that does mean that some of the older generation who were reading comics long before they hit the big screen were waiting for a more mature approach. Another film I saw this week was Thank You for Smoking, this inside look into the tobacco industry is insightful and actually a lot of fun to watch. Some great performances create sympathy for the devil but don’t worry you wont find yourself wanting to light up.

Like I said it’s been a busy week, I have also seen the fist hour of the duchess but best not talk about it, I don’t have much patience for Kiera Knightly and I like I said I did only see an hour. I did on the other hand see the whole of How to Lose Friends and Alienate people, now I’m a huge Simon Pegg fan so anything with him in I am bound to like. This film was a bit different as it feels like the first big Hollywood outing for Mr Pegg, with star trek coming out this year it seems the British star has stamped his mark. Lets just hope he doesn’t lose sight of what made him so big in the first place. The film was funny enough, nowhere near as good as his other work, probably due to the script written by someone else.

Some news for you now before I get off, the long touted Green Lantern movie looks to have a leading man, in Chris Pine who you can see as Captain James .T Kirk the summer.

Nothing else really worth mentioning, although bringing up Star Trek again, he premieres is going to be in a Sydney Opera Playhouse, interesting ah - Maybe not. Ok that’s it for this week, please keep reading and watching.

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