Monday, 20 April 2009

I feel I'm close.... I am close

This weeks entry is bound to be a short one, just thought I would lower expectations a bit before I get started. Yesterday I saw my face on a cinema screen; it wasn’t a very big one but still a cinema screen. It was weird but I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, we weren’t short-listed which I think is a crime! We were clearly one of the better ones on the day but you can see for yourselves as soon as it’s gone up online, I will of course post it. Down to what I have been watching this week, last night I watched Lucky Number Slevin, I had already seen it but it’s a great crime caper. I have never liked josh hartnett so much as his character Slevin, he wisecracks his way through the underworld of two rival gangs, though he spends half the film getting beaten up. Bruce Willis gives a cold performance as a hired killer setting poor old Slevin up for a fall. It is a great film with a great script; I recommend this one to anyone.

I also watched the film that got me into cinema in the first place, Jurassic Park. The whole trilogy for a fiver in Sainsburys, snip! The first one, clearly the best one is a landmark in cinema. Mostly for its effects, as most of the digital shots still stand the test of time and look sublime. The film is classic Spielberg Blockbuster with great characters although I never realised how irritating the kids were! Its suspenseful and everything an entertaining movie needs to be entertaining. Taking it back again I also watched the first Terminator and apart form the score sounding like it was done on a Casio keyboard it was just as good as I remember. One thing I never noticed before is how Arnie moves his eyes to as far as he can see before moving his neck, its so subtle but brilliant, exactly how a robot would look around as its surveys a scene.

Finally a new film,

Finally a new film, Déjà vu with the ever-dependable Denzel Washington who still hasn’t been able to better his performance in training day is good in this. He is convincing as an ATF agent, yeah I had no idea what the ATF was either! America has far to many agencies, great for films though. This is beside the point as Denzels character is shown a technology that allows people to view the past and eventually send a person back. It’s a little hard to follow at first but its basically the same theory as in Event Horizon, you know the whole folding time and space to pass through wormholes. Its good though, thrilling when it needs to be and some real big set pieces from Tony Scott, though Mr Washington does look uncomfortable doing tender moments.

Well that’s it for now, I have to make breakfast and look for jobs I wont get.
Keep reading and watching please.

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