Sunday, 26 April 2009

What lovely weather, lets hope it continues...

Doing these columns on a Sunday is getting increasingly tiring, this is supposed to be a day of rest and I’m up at 6.30 writing? I think I might change the day but for now I’ll keep this up. If you haven’t watched Rocknrolla yet for fear that Guy Ritchie has lost his touch I suggest you watch it. Rocknrolla is a return to form in a London gangster romp that as we know suits him down to the ground. The film is easier to follow than revolver; it has some very watchable characters like Lock Stock and Snatch and it throws in some original idea's from the seasoned director. Guy Ritchie takes on the Russian Billionaires buying up land, football clubs and anything they can get their hands on! He deals with homosexuality and makes it very very funny; the parts I’m talking about are the funniest in the film, just watch for Gerard Butler’s reactions. Watch it because there’s no school like the old school and Guy Ritchie is the f*cking head teacher.

I did watch more movies this week but cant remember them for the life of me, which is a bad sign. Instead I’m going to do a preview thing of the next few weeks in cinema.

Wolverine: Xmen Origins
Next Wednesday, not this Wednesday I will be going to see the first of what is to be a very good summer. Wolverine in some ways is the Marvel comic film I have been waiting for about 5 years! It has Gambit in it and he’s not just a name on the screen (damn you Bryan Singer!) He’s a character. Whether or not Taylor Kitsch will do the raging Cajun any justice is yet to be seen but he looks the part. Of course it also introduces Deadpool, the deadly wise cracking assassin and lets face it there’s no one better to play him that Ryan Reynolds who has practically made a career out of wise cracking. What of the title character, well Hugh Jackman was born to be Logan it’s that simple. There is no way anyone else could play him now; Jackman plays Wolverine with great conviction. Playing the perfect anti hero that regularly flays his victims in the comics cant be easy but he does it so well. So let’s hope that this continues in what will be a great start to the summer, Claws crossed.

Star Trek
The week after I will be going to see this re invention by surely the lord of the geeks JJ Abrams. The man responsible for the irritatingly long but terribly addictive Lost has put it on himself to bring back star trek. He’s a brave man but despite the first few seconds of that awful trailer “I am James Tiberius Kirk!” the film seems to doing well. Early screenings indicate that the critics are eating it up and the fans that have seen it love it. Simon Peggs in it which is enough to get me to the cinema and Zachary Quinto (Slyer) looks like he has perfected the younger Spock and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does.

There are still more to come out after that, Transformers, Terminator and many more. Right I’m off to church…

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