Sunday, 1 February 2009

The good, The bad and The damn right shameful!

Sitting here trying to write the second of my new columns and I’m at a bit of a loss, after a lovely week at centre parcs but bereft of any film viewing? I’m going to have to talk about recent film news instead. Not that I didn’t have fun on my holiday, it was great in fact. Well apart from the growing fear of all things aquatic; which isn’t good when you have two baby boys who are incredibly entertained by spinning around in their rubber rings.

Ok the first of today’s news I read today are some more updates about this year’s Dark Knight; Watchmen. This film is easily one of 2009’s most anticipated, adapted from arguably one of the finest graphic novels ever written. It really is that good, shamefully as a comic book fan I only got round to reading it a few months ago but it really is worth reading it before you catch it on the big screen. The reason for that is one update I heard today that confirmed they have changed the ending slightly, which for me is the first piece of bad news I have heard so far! The ending of the graphic novel blew me away, the ending was so risky it was one of the reasons a watchmen movie has been sitting in development hell for years. No director was willing to take it on; Zack Snyder has decided he’ll write his own!
A very bad idea indeed, still I’m going to see it and I’ll have to pay unless I can wrangle the press screening (fingers crossed). So there’s my bum on the seat for the film. From a bad idea to a good idea; letting Michael Bay Direct Transformers. I mean the hardcore fans of the robots in disguise were a bit insulted, but let’s face it who better than Michael “blow shit up” Bay could handle huge robots fighting, it’s his dream job surely. Well whether you liked it or not, the sequel is on its way and you can go here to check one of the first pieces of footage from the film...

It looks good, admittedly I just watched it with no volume as my lady is watching Roswell, but it does look good. Effects heavy, explosions heavy and well, just heavy in general I would say! Moving on, when will they learn to leave Resident Evil alone, they have just confirmed another one is written and ready to go, the saying “flogging a dead horse” comes to mind. Finally some of the worst news ever, I hope my friend from oz isn’t reading this but supposedly Fox are rumoured to be developing a predator “reboot”! Reboot? It doesn’t need any boot. This film stands up today and is still superb just leave it be! Right to angry to go on, baby crying and I have work in the morning, woe is me! Anyway, keep watching.

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