Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentines shmootz and Turtles, talking ones

So it’s been a week for the lovers, so to speak. Well it was Valentine’s Day and in the words of Joel Barish “a day invented by greetings cards companies to make the rest of us feel miserable” or something like that. Course I can’t complain I have my valentine. This week I finally got round to watching a rehash of one of my favourite cartoons as a kid, TMNT. Otherwise known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, I would have to say that apart from there being no shredder (the bad guy from the original) it was actually rather good. The idea to do it in computer animation suited the style and didn’t take away from the original like other unmentionable films.

The story is well written and picks up where the original movies left off, shredder is dead and splinter has sent Leonardo off for some team leading training in the wilderness. Not sure how the wise vermin sensei thought that would do any good but whom are we to argue with a talking rat!
The writers have been not just true to the characters and their natures and relationships but made them funnier, I don’t think I ever laughed as hard at the originals, during a scene when the turtles are eating breakfast, I won’t spoil it but it is very funny. Leonardo is still the hard faced leader; Raphael is still the hard man with a chip on his shoulder, Donatello the intelligent one (saying that all of them being able to talk is pretty damn smart... for a turtle!) and Michelangelo the pizza obsessed comic relief. The characters have been explored more simply by taking Leonardo out of the process, making him more the leader than he ever was as the Turtles try hilariously to get on with their lives, seeing Donatello give IT help over the phone is great.

Anyway that enough for now, once again I won’t reach 500 words, but once again it is self inflicted so I don’t feel too bad. Keep reading keep watching.

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