Saturday, 24 January 2009

Strong chins and golden baldys

Something struck me last night, watching “Hollywoodland” the 2006 film about the tragic death of George Reeves (Superman in the original TV series). A quote from the film sums it up perfectly, “an actor can’t always act, sometimes they gotta work”. This one quote sums up actors like Ben Affleck, who happens to play George Reeves in this neo noir murder mystery. Let’s take Ben as an example; this strong jawed wonder of a man has never really been liked. I think for me it was pearl harbour, this shoddy example of how Hollywood will take a pivotal moment in history and rape it, with some absurd plot. In Pearl Harbour’s case it was a shallow and unconvincing love triangle, well and truly a worthy place to begin hating an actor. The weird thing is I actually enjoyed Mr Affleck in films like good will hunting, dogma and basically anything he’s done with Kevin Smith. So how do we explain this roller coaster of a career? Well simple, just like the man said sometimes he was acting, other times he was working.

Hollywood land is neither of these for Ben Affleck, you see the film starts off and does just well with Adrian Brody taking the lead role, before Ben Affleck’s chin comes marauding onto the screen. Then the film seems to dip, but not into complete disarray. Affleck’s performance is watchable and his charming character comes out, but it’s Adrian Brody who runs the show here. The Oscar winning actor puts on a great show, playing a made up private detective in this based on real life events tale. The story of George Reeves death is clouded in mystery; there are still unanswered questions to this day. It is this that makes Hollywoodland; it’s intriguing and well made.

To go on, I will move onto this year’s academy awards. Ah yes it’s that time of the year for the academy to take votes and decide who is up for a golden baldly and who will eventually take the folically challenged statuette home. This year they are playing it safe, with films like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “The Reader” and “Milk”. Hoping not to look to high brow and in the process over looking one of the best films of the year! We all knew Heath Ledger was going to be nominated, although despite it being an amazing performance, let’s face it if the man were alive they wouldn’t have nominated him. I think he’ll win it and well deserved it is, but the film itself not getting nominated for best film, or Christopher Nolan not getting a nod for directing is a sham and a mockery of a sham! Right I’m off to centre parcs, have a fun week. If you get a chance check out role models it’s brilliant and there’s no Ben Affleck in sight.

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