Sunday, 22 February 2009

The other side of the dog film debate

Not three weeks go by and I’m at another screening of a damn film about a dog, but in the ying yang fashion of movies this one was surprisingly good. Marley and me is a film based on a book, a story about a couples life with a rather eccentric canine. There were no real moments when the typical dog based jokes ruined the story, in fact they were funny. I think the real reason I enjoyed it was because I could relate to the whole falling in love having a family and still trying to hold onto dreams, the main character happens to be an aspiring writer.

The review will be up on my usual site when the film comes out so I’ll post that link; it’s a honest film about life seen through the eyes of a dog. I say life of course but in all these films it’s also life seen through “American dream tinted glasses”, but enough of me arrogantly quoting my own work. I haven’t seen anything else this week as I am currently watching all 9 seasons and 2 films of the x files, not all at the same time of course. I love the X files but more of them when I have finished my marathon.

I’m doing it again and ending my blog a little early but I haven’t seen any other films this week and there is no interesting news to talk about. Though this is a weekly blog so no doubt at some point I’ll have more than enough to say. Oh currently I am trying to watch the Oscars online for free, well I have found a place but the bloody buffering is annoying. If I can find a better site and stay awake I’ll post the winners as I hear them but I’m not promising anything as I am pretty tired. Well that little rant got me over 300 words so don’t feel too cheated. Keep watching and keep reading.

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