Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Out this week: Cinema

Burke and Hare:
A dark comedy by John Landis (American Werewolf in London)that has a lot of promise. The cast is first rate and the trailers look great. Simon Pegg working with another one of his heroes and Andy Serkis picking up the role from David Tennant.Isla Fisher beefs out the cast with some a-list hollywood cred. There's the a great British presence here to as Pegg's Spaced co-star Jessica Hynes,Tom Wilkinson, the ever brilliant Tim Curry and Ronnie Corbett in a rare appearance join the cast. Looks like comedy gold to me, i mean its got to be pretty funny to make you like a pair of quite frankly despicable characters, bring it on.

Saw 3D:
Yet another Halloween, yet another SAW movie! Gladly this is the last one! I'm not completely against the franchise. The first one was a brilliant original horror movie, sadly it has become a sad excuse of what it started. The so called "Torture Porn" movies that somehow keep getting made, have the Saw movies to thank for the popularity but they all basically come down to how they dispose of their hapless victims. What with the 3D gimmick just adding to an already gimmick filled movie this is one i wont be seeing.

The Kids are All Right:
A movie about kids addopted by a Lesbian couple decide they want to get to know they're dad. Sounds interesting and looks interesting to, it's ben recieved great by the critics so far and will give the casual viewer a chance to sink they're teeth into the new Hulk Mark Ruffalo. With Annette Bening, Julianne Moore its certainly got some Acting cred behind it, maybe one for DVD though.

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