Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A BIG hearted movie

Following the classics I watched Big the other day, a great film that shows the importance of being a child and not growing up so quick. Watching it made me feel sad for the kids today, what is it that makes them want to grow up so quickly! We won’t go down that line of debate; I’ll just try and stick to the film. It’s a full on fun fell good movie, Tom Hanks is superb in it and it’s not just for acting like a kid. It’s the subtle things you may not have noticed first time round checking his flies when he’s being laughed at, the nervous eyes darting around the sockets and the hotel room at the beginning where our hero curls up on the bed and cries.

There is also some real belly laughs, playing round in the limo is one of my favourites. On re-watching though I did find the scene where he gropes the love interest a little uncomfortable, call me old fashioned but technically she’s sleeping with a 13 year old... though saying that it could just be because of the world we live in now I would have thought back then it wouldn’t have been a big deal. I just thought it was weird but then what does the character know ah? One other thing is another iconic scene; the piano on the floor, I’d love to know how long that took them to get that right its brilliant!

So that’s it for now except for some big news I’m moving to my own website at some point this year and you’ll be able to visit beeonfilm.co.uk!

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