Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A fool at heart

Adam Sandler likes to dumb down a lot of his films with characters of, shall we say questionable intelligence. Waterboy is pretty dumb but I think Billy Madison takes the prize, this immature boy has never known hard work because of his hotel franchise owning dad. Basically having his eduction brought for him creates a man who lazes about at the pool, gets drunk, likes porn and see’s imaginary penguins. There’s no doubt that these characters are funny but are they re-watchable? I hadn’t seen Billy Madison for ages until the other day and I have to admit I didn’t laugh as much as i used to.

The comedy is just that little bit too silly at times but since when has Adam Sandler been known for his thought provoking intelligent comedies (apart from last year’s funny people that is). There are some really stand out moments and still just a quotable “STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN!” it may be one of the less enduring Sandler movies but it has its moments.

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