Monday, 8 February 2010

It’s a bit preachy.

End of the world scenarios always bring up extreme emotions and situations, the fight for survival pushing people to the edge. This is why religion is always one of the biggest themes you have in these films, anyone with faith would question it at the end of days. The Book Of Eli is an interesting look at this, if you haven’t guessed what the “book” in question is I wont spoil it for you but I will feel sorry for you.

It’s obvious where this film is going as soon as they mention the book. For anyone who isn’t in the slightest religious, this film will feel quite preachy. Although saying that Denzel Washington is once again very cool, slicing and dicing his way through numerous enemies with one gigantic knife even Rambo would be jealous of, all of that in a film that is defiantly pro-Religion. If you can ignore the last sort of 10 mins of the film it’s an enjoyable enough blockbuster. However with the likes The Road coming out, the Hughes brothers have a lot to answer for.

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