Monday, 4 January 2010

James Cameron’s Flawed masterpiece.

So, it has clocked up 1 Billion in the box office so far and will more then likely place itself second to only Cameron’s other masterwork Titanic. So what’s all the fuss about, Avatar is a spectacle, there is no doubt about that. Legions of fanboys will be looking for reasons to hate this film and the truth is there are very few.

Firstly let’s get one thing straight, go and see this in the cinema in 3D or regret it. It’s that monumental, no number of HD ready TV’s or Blu Ray Players will give this sci-fi epic enough credit. James Cameron has officially given 3D a harsh kick from being a retro gimmick to something much more. The 3D is in most places subtle but adds to the lush environments ten fold, not to mention that the effects are utterly convincing. The Blu Na vi are great to watch and for the majority of the movie fully believable!

Now we come to the flaws and as expected they are stuck in the story, it’s a bit cuddly for lack of a better word. It’s full of references to being kind to nature and communicating with the planet, the effect is an environment that doesn’t seem as harsh as is being painted by the characters. The characters are also complete Archetypes making for a very predictable story and dialogue that at times is funny when it shouldn’t be. Finally despite their best efforts parts do look like a very good video game and not a film.

I have to stress though that’s me picking holes in what is one hell of a movie, James Cameron again sets himself apart when it comes to big budget action. The last sequence has everything and even the musical score should remind you of Aliens. Just go and see it, even if you hate it you’ll be glad you saw it at the cinema. James Cameron is again “King of the World”

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