Thursday, 14 January 2010

Marvel have enraged me!

Why on God’s green earth can a director of Sam Raimi’s calibre not be given the time he needs to make a decent Spiderman film!!!!!

Fair enough Spiderman 3 was not a good film, too many bad guys spoil the broth! There was to much emphasise on big budget effects and action than on character which is what made the Spiderman films so good. The idea by Sony and Marvel now is to “reboot” the franchise, it makes me rather angry! Thought the possibility to tie it all in to the new marvel movies that are coming out does sound good! The annoying thing is that Tobey Maguire has made that role his own; he is perfect as Peter Parker and to see anyone else doing it now would seem wrong. Just try imagining if they recast Wolverine, it would not work!

By the way the poster above is not real but looks good though huh!?

Anyway, must get on there’s a TV series that I have rather shamefully missed out on and I’m playing catch up…

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