Saturday, 19 December 2009

How did he do it?

How did the Director who ended the Alien Franchise with a sharp blow to the head, make a film like Amelie? Jean Pierre Juenet just didn’t get Aliens and his resurrection was about as far from a resurrection as you could have thought of! When the director turns his attentions onto something else, something a bit more personal he turns out with what may be his finest work! Amelie is best described as a beautiful film, its attention to detail is pitch perfect and focuses on every day things in life as extraordinary.

This is of course a window into how Amelie see’s the world and makes her incredibly loveable! Audrey Tautou has since paved a way to some big parts in Hollywood but she has never bettered this performance, the looks to camera and that voice just gorgeous! It’s just a good looking film with a whole lot of heart and just has “feel good” written all over it.

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