Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'Prometheus' The Alien Prequel

This is rumour control, here are the facts…

The long mooted Alien prequel has been talked about and theorised over for the last 3 years. Now that’s its finally green lit, what do we actually know about it? The first piece of very important information is that it will be directed by Ridley Scott, after a few directors names were thrown out there, the man who brought “the perfect organism” to screen should be the perfect one to bring it back.

However he has come out recently to say that it’s not really a prequel and though the ‘xenomorph’ will appear it won’t appear the way we know it? What does that mean exactly; we know that the Alien takes on genetic traits from its host so that should give us idea that there can’t be Aliens popping out of human chests. Despite of course the casting…

Another thing left out and Christ knows she deserves is the poor character of Ellen Ripley, survived only to be left alone not once but twice, burned in a furnace and cloned. This time a whole new batch of actors have taken on the pressure, headed by the brilliant Michael Fassbender (you can catch up with him in the summer as the young Magneto). Others to join this exciting sounding lot are Charlize Theron (Monster), Noomi Rapace (Girl with a Dragon Tattoo) and the ever dependable Idris Elba ( The Losers). All have been sworn to secrecy even before reading the screenplay!

Whatever quotes you may have read about this film having the same “DNA” as the Alien movies should at least give us hope. However it has been stated it’s a whole different story, whatever happens we should find out June next year….

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