Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fancy being a Nazi Zombie?

Prepare to be Scared is holding a casting call for its male fans to send one lucky person and a friend to the set of ‘Outpost 2: Black Sun’ to be Nazi Zombie extras in the film!

The winners will be sent to the set in Glasgow for the final day of the film’s shoot on Sunday 3rd April, and both be given a full zombie makeover, with costume, to take part in their scene.

In order to be considered, fans must upload a photo of themselves to the Prepare to be Scared Facebook page with the photo tag “I want to be a zombie in Outpost 2!” and get their friends to comment under the photo. The call closes at 5pm on Wednesday 30th March, and the person with the most unique user comments under their picture wins the part!

Just click here to enter Outpost 2: Black Sun

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